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Xie Jianwei thought for a moment and thought that Lorren’s words were quite reasonable, so he replied, “Yes.”

And he admitted it!

Lorren was so angry that he wanted to beat him up, “Can’t we have a normal conversation How long has it been since Lu Li died His bones have already turned to ashes.

Even if you find a skeleton, it’s definitely not Lu Li’s.”

Xie Jianwei’s successfully obtained additional information from his set of words.

He was surprised that Lu Li died.

Could it be that Lu Li was his human friend But how can a human’s name be so strange

After all, the human full names in this world were all set in four words, and Eastern names were extremely rare.

On the contrary, the demons have all kinds of names; not to mention two words, one word could also be considered as a full name.

While preparing the materials to undo the spell, Xie Jianwei said, “Skeletons don’t turn into ashes that easily.”

“The problem is that when Lu Li was sentenced to death, five lightning strikes came down! His bones were powdered when he died!”

We’re obviously talking about a very serious matter, but how could it sound so comical …...

Lorren’s method of describing everything was definitely top-tier.

Xie Jianwei insisted, “I think he is him.”

Lorren was somewhat angry, “You also thought Lu Ri1 was him.

What was the result of that”

Who the heck is this Lu Ri…….

Lorren seemed reluctant to bring up these types of sad things and waved his hand, “Forget it.

Just do whatever you want.

I’m too lazy to care about you.”

After a moment of deliberation, Xie Jianwei continued, “He is different from Lu Ri.”

“It’s different.

At least this little skeleton won’t die so easily.”

Very good ……This Lu Ri is dead too!

With this type of convoluted plot, even the quick-witted Military Adviser Xie couldn’t help but feel confused with the series of events.

“Not only that, but I feel like the Little Skeleton…”

“Give up, Lu Li will not be reborn.” Leaving this sentence behind, Lorren buried himself in the water and pretended to be a quail.

Xie Jianwei had to stop probing and concentrate on relieving him of the spell.

Although Lorren spoke vaguely, he still exposed a lot of information.

What Xie Jianwei now knew was that probably hundreds of years ago, Xie Jianwei had a conflict with an archangel because of a certain matter, and then made a great demon his messenger.

He then proceeded to kill his way up to the heavenly realm in order to overturn the said archangel.

Is the archangel dead Probably not.

It’s possible that this archangel had turned into a great demon, specifically the one who was with Yán Kè last time.

Then where’s the great demon who served as Xie Jianwei’s messenger before

And what’s the true identity of the skeleton Lu Li

Are there multiple Lu Lis in this dream or just one

There are quite a few problems that need to be solved one by one.

While thinking about various things, Xie jainwei managed to continue lifting the curse.

Lorren looked up at him and couldn’t help sighing, “Haah, playing in the human world is fun, but it’ll be troublesome if one gets attached.” His mind could not help but flash back to the great demon Yán Kè who pretended to be docile but was actually vicious and brutal.

Damn it, being plotted by my own demon messenger, what a disgrace!




After Xie Jianwei lifted the curse for Lorren, he went back to find his little skeleton.

Little Skeleton remained in the same state he left him in when he went out.

Just watching him enter the room, happy bubbles popped up around Little Skeleton.

Xie Jianwei couldn’t help but smile, “Come here.”


Skeleton up to him earnestly.

Xie Jianwei stared at him for a while and murmured, “Don’t you remember anything from the past”

Little Skeleton shook his head.

Xie Jianwei smiled gently and sat down on the sofa, then patted the seat next to him, “Come here and sit.”

Little skeleton thought he wanted to eat the fruit so started peeling one as soon as he sat down.

“I’m not hungry.” said Xie Jianwei, stopping Little Skeleton’s movements.

He seized the fruit the latter was holding and instead put those pair of bone hands into his palm, “Uhm…… there’s something I want to talk to you about.”


Skeleton sat up straight, seemingly ready to listen carefully.

Xie Jianwei looked at him in a serious manner and started to channel his inner con-man.

In any case, the one in front of him is Lu Li, and there’s an 80%  chance that he is the master of this dreamscape, so he might as well “tamper” with history while he can, so that everything will progress in his favor.

And even if he’s not this dreamscape’s master, it would still be fine as there’s really nothing bad in what I’m about to say.

Xie Jianwei said in a warm voice, “I had a lover a long time ago.

We loved each other very much and wanted to be together for a lifetime.”

He just started the conversation but Little Skeleton was already feeling a little nervous.

Xie Jianwei kept holding his hand and continued, “Then something happened, and he disappeared.

I searched for him for a long—very long— time.

Many people said he’s dead, but I didn’t believe it.

With me, a Grim Reaper, guarding him, how could he die”

His voice carried a strong tone of sorrow, like he had wandered for a long time just constantly searching, and endless persistence, that could move people’s hearts.

Little Skeleton wrote: 

Xie Jianwei smiled, but his eyes were full of pain, “But what if his appearance had changed”

Little Skeleton was stunned.

Xie Jianwei looked at him, almost crying, “What if he turned into someone unfamiliar”

Little Skeleton was a little flustered.

He didn’t want him to be so sad, as seeing Xie Jianwei feeling aggrieved made him sad.

“What if upon coming back, his appearance has changed, he doesn’t remember anything, and he couldn’t even recognize me.

What should I do” Xie Jianwei choked through his words as he continued.

Little Skeleton hurriedly wrote, 

Xie Jianwei sighed, “But you have become like this.”

Little Skeleton: “…”

Xie Jianwei looked at him without blinking, his pair of light purple eyes filled with deep love.

If emotion can be transformed into something tangible , Lu Li felt that it would form into his own heart.

The heart that had disappeared was pounding because of his eyes full of affection.

At this point, how could he not understand

 The lines on the writing board were a little distorted from too much apprehension.

Xie Jianwei nodded.

Xie Jianwei cupped his face, looked at him sincerely, and said word for word, “You are.”

“You are Lu Li, you are my Lu Li.

I knew it from the first time I saw you.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve forgotten.

It’s okay if you can’t recall anything.

Just don’t leave me.

Don’t disappear again and stay by my side, okay”


Skeleton’s bony fingers trembled as he wrote,

Xie Jianwei’s eyes softened, “But you subconsciously remembered me.”


Skeleton froze.

Xie Jianwei kissed him on the lips and smiled happily, “You like me, don’t yout”

As soon as he said this, Mr.

Skeleton immediately lowered his head.

He didn’t dare to write on the writing board, but the small hearts around him revealed his mood.

“You have forgotten everything—even your name— yet you knew that you like me the moment you saw me, right”

There’s no doubt about that, Little Skeleton nodded.

“Nobody will treat me so well except you, Lu Li…” He sighed with satisfaction, “Thank you for coming back to me.”

Little Skeleton believes.

He believes in everything Xie Jianwei has said.

Why would he feel reluctant in accepting such a beautiful notion

He and Xie Jianwei are lovers, and they’re going to spend the rest  of their lives together.

Although he didn’t know what happened, now that he’s by his side, he’ll protect and accompany him forever.

Even if this happiness was nothing but a false bubble, he’s still willing to immerse himself in it.

Xie Jianwei decided to settle this matter first.

Since Little Skeleton is his lover regardless of whatever!

As long as a good enough blueprint was outlined for Lu Li, and then a little trace could be found, Lu Li would let it become reality because of too much expectation.

It ‘s extremely necessary to build a good foundation before the storm starts.





Xie Jianwei was too good at giving Lu Li his affection.

Of course the main reason was that they really love each other.

He loves Lu Li, so he just let himself go and his feelings would be shown perfectly.

When  Little Skeleton was peeling fruits for him, Xie Jianwei smiled and said, “It wasn’t so convenient for you before.

You had to use a saber to peel this, and cut it in half.

Although one could eat it, it wasn’t as complete as it is now. ”

Little Skeleton was a little happy, and felt that his claws weren’t so ugly anymore.

While they’re were hugging to sleep one night, Xie Jianwei touched Little Skeleton’s bones and said, “Pectoral muscles, abs …… and ……” he chuckled, “That big thing of yours, it’s good hat it’s gone now.”

Xie Jianwei’s words made the shy Lu “Big” Li felt like vanishing.

Little Skeleton felt so fragile upon being touched by Xie Jianwei.

As he listened to that heart-rending voice of his, an inexplicable heat burned within his soul, making him recall some vague memories: Two naked people in love embracing each other.

He kissed the man, from forehead to toe, kissed him in frenzy as he entered vigorously.

The man beneath him moaned sweetly, screaming his name until his body flushed in climax.

That’s Xie Jianwei.

Little Skeleton excitedly wrote on his writing pad, 

Xie Jianwei’s eyes lit up, “Tell me about it.”

Little Skeleton felt a bit embarrassed.

The clever Xie Jianwei immediately understood, “Did you remember a time we were making love”

The small hearts around Mr.

Skeleton kept jumping wildly.

Xie Jianwei’s mind moved slightly, and he took off all his clothes under the quilt, “Let me help you remember again.”




FootnotesThe pinyin of Lu Ri was supposed to be Lu Li.

Meaning these names are somewhat homophones, with different chinese characters, so I decided to put Lu Ri as a distinction.

路裡=Lù Lǐ= Lu Ri 陸離=Lù Lí= Lu Li= the ML/the Marshal.

As you can see, the Li have different tones that’s why I said they’re only somewhat homophones.-

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